CZ Configurator Online Ordering Tool Now Available in the US

CZ have launched their online customization and ordering tool, the CZ Configurator, for all US customers.

CZ Configurator Online Ordering Tool Now Available in the US
(Photo courtesy CZ)

November 28, 2022By Guns & Ammo Staff

The CZ Configurator is an online tool that gives the power to fully customize and order CZ firearms online. CZ gives complete control in the construction and accessorizing of the gun – model, caliber, colors, components, controls and accessories.

With the addition of the United States, the CZ Configurator is now fully operational and serving CZ customers in seven countries – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, France and the United States. The CZ models differ for each country, so the options available differ slightly depending on your ordering location.

The firearm is virtually displayed on the screen as the user specifies colors, components, controls and accessories. Users can save, print and share the custom-configured firearm anytime.

With the initial release of the CZ Configurator in mid-October 2019, CZ established a strong ordering pipeline for their European customers. With the expansion of this system to the US market, CZ is optimistic that they now represent a pinnacle of consumer choice and power. Since this customized firearm is an official CZ product manufactured in the CZ factory, a full warranty is provided on the configured firearm and on all components and accessories. Access to exclusive CZ services is also available to CZ Configurator customers. 

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