Introducing ROSE by SIG Sauer

SIG Sauer has launched its ROSE program: A comprehensive training course and starter kit for women looking to enter the firearms scene spearheaded by 8-time World Shooting Champion Lena Miculek. Let’s take a look at what it includes.

Introducing ROSE by SIG Sauer
The program begins with the purchase of ROSE by SIG SAUER P365 kit that provides you with all the tools you need including the pistol, safe storage and dummy rounds.(Photo courtesy of Sig Sauer)

January 15, 2023By Guns & Ammo Staff

SIG Sauer has unveiled their new ROSE initiative, a comprehensive firearms training program for women developed by Team SIG Professional Shooter and 8-time World Champion Lena Miculek. Launching with a starter kit that includes a custom ROSE P365 kit, ROSE Vaultek safe and full video training series by Lena Miculek. The P365 available with the starter kit can be a special edition P365-XL COMP ROSE or P365-380 ROSE, which the buyer can choose from when purchasing the kit.

“For the past ten years I have been exclusively a professional competitive shooter. While I worked hard for my titles, and am proud of all that I have accomplished, the most rewarding part of my career has been to help women overcome fear and get into firearms ownership. You could say that ROSE blossomed through these experiences and is now made possible by the power of the SIG Sauer brand,” began Team SIG Professional Shooter Lena Miculek. “ROSE is not only a pistol, it is a kit you take home with you to start your firearms journey and become part of a community where you are supported and can learn at your own pace in an environment you are comfortable in. I have heard countless times from women that they leave the store with more questions than answers and they want to learn. This is where ROSE by SIG Sauer comes in; the heartbeat of this program is education and getting you from the retailer to the range so you can start your lasting journey with firearms.”

Social media spaces have been created for the ROSE community to share advice, provide support, or meet up in person to practice shooting and firearm basics. The program itself begins with the basics of firearm safety and how to handle a pistol, and gradually builds up to proper skill-building time at the range.

The P365-XL has been given an aesthetic rework in the ROSE scheme. (Photo courtesy of Sig Sauer)

The SIG Sauer ROSE kit includes either a custom P365-XL COMP ROSE in 9MM or a P365-380 ROSE with two magazines, a signature ROSE Vaultek Lifepod pistol safe with built-in lock system, five polymer dummy rounds for safe dry-fire practice, a magazine loader and a personal note from Lena Miculek which includes access to the QuickStart guide and online training series.  Additionally, custom ROSE printable practice targets are available for download at

The complete SIG Sauer ROSE kit is now shipping and available at retailers.  To learn more about the SIG Sauer ROSE program, visit

Sig Sauer P365XL-COMP ROSE / P365-380 ROSE Specs:

  • Caliber: 9mm / .380 Auto
  • Overall length: 6.6 inches / 5.8 inches
  • Overall height: 4.8 inches / 4.2 inches
  • Overall width: 1.1 inches / 1.1 inches
  • Barrel length: 3.1 inches / 3.1 inches
  • Sight Radius: 5.1 inches / 4.9 inches
  • Weight (w/magazine): 20.7 oz./ 15.7 oz

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