Now in Production: Ammunition for the Next World War

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Now in Production: Ammunition for the Next World War

Russia and the West are in a war for ammunition, experts believe. The first one to run out loses the war. According to strategists, Russia is already facing serious shortages. If a regional conflict is forcing a major power to spend much of its conventional ammunition, what will a conflict between global powers be like? One nation in the heart of Europe knows the answer and is taking drastic measures to arm itself for such a situation.

The German military estimates that it needs $21 billion in ammunition, and a strong weapons manufacturing sector has been a key part of German domestic and foreign policy for years. Next to Britain’s bae Systems, Germany’s Rheinmetall is Europe’s main supplier of ammunition.

The firm announced in November that it is taking over the Spanish ammunition manufacturer Expal Systems, which could quadruple its artillery shell production, not to mention Germany’s influence on Spain’s military and government. In December, it announced that it is building a new ammunition production facility in Germany that will start producing medium-caliber ammunition by June.

One of Rheinmetall’s goals is to “reestablish the ammunition supply in Germany as a matter of principle, independent of foreign production facilities,” a spokesman told Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

The war in Ukraine is providing plenty of motivation for governments and enterprising industrialists to churn out bullets by the billions.

“I am very relieved that the industry has reacted so quickly,” Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, chair of Germany’s federal defense committee, said. “In the future, ammunition that we urgently need will increasingly be produced in Germany.”

Rheinmetall considers itself “responsible for supporting the German government to the best of its ability in restoring the necessary defense capability of the Bundeswehr,” its spokesman said.

If Russian firms were involved, people would be concerned. But people are more trusting of Germany. They should know, however, that the Germans are the modern descendants of the ancient Assyrians and that the Bible states specifically that the modern Assyrians will use those shells and bullets, just as they did in World War i and World War ii. Prior to those bloodbaths, Germany was considered a modern, sophisticated, leading, trustworthy nation. It was also well armed.

The Bible states in the book of Jonah that some ancient Assyrians had the great character to actually repent of their evils toward God. It also states that, along with all other nations and peoples created by God, it has a bright future (Isaiah 19:23-25). But first comes darkness. Germans today are dealing with similar tendencies to those of their grandparents in the days of Adolf Hitler and their ancestors in the days of the Assyrian kings. As the ongoing war to their east illustrates, they have much to fear. But when Germans act on their fears, their technological and industrial strengths are used to fuel their aggression, and their regard for human life, cities, nations and great powers fall before them in a storm of bullets.

“Nobody wants to talk about it,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warned, “but German history reveals an explosive tendency: When the right leader comes to power, watch out! We must face this truth. According to your Bible, Germany is about to start World War iii—the deadliest war in history.”

Germany is not at all severed from its World War ii history, its World War i history, its Assyrian Empire history or Bible prophecy. Isaiah 10, Daniel 8 and Revelation 17 provide a clear perspective of Germany and its role in world affairs, ancient, current and future. This is a nation inclined, talented and increasingly well equipped to make war.

Read “Ukraine Is Hastening a New Germany,” by Gerald Flurry.

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